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"Learning is like opening a door - not filling a container"

21 Nov, 2015

Learning thoughts

“The value of adult education is not solely to be measured by direct increases in earning power or productive capacity, but by the quality of life it inspires in the individual and generates for the community at large. It is an agent changing and improving our society.” (preface to ‘The Russel Report’, 1973)”

1973 is 42 years ago but this statement is still completely valid. The CWEA has been involved in Adult Education for 100 years and we want to be effective in this area for a lot longer.

The Russel report statement encourages us to think beyond ourselves – beyond what we alone gain from education. It is a statement about thinking about the value to the whole community.

An Educated Community thinks beyond the obvious, is more discerning, is more likely to become involved in making their community work, challenges the things which need challenging, feels stronger and so much more. The problem is education is not as easily available to everyone as we would like and it never needs to stop.

We aim to make our courses accessible, affordable, stimulating and relevant to current issues.

The perfect blend for an alert, discerning and thinking population.

Some points to ponder as you attend a course anywhere?

  • Does the course you attended make you think more widely?
  • Does it encourage you to become more involved in your community?
  • Does it make you feel better about your particular space in the world?
  • Can you think of some people you know who may also value being involved?

What else would you like to learn about or have considered for our future programmes? Please let us know?

The WEA in the UK has a blog discussion on this area. Really worth a read. 

Wendy Butcher

Coordinator CWEA