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NZ Election 2017

04 Sep, 2017

In the last 2 weeks we have had 4 election related speakers come to talk. Each had a different focus but all ensured anyone listening left thinking and being more aware of why it is so important we do not waste our chance to have a say.

Eugenie Sage talked about 100% Pure NZ and the health of our environment for us and our children and grandchildren? She speaks about this same issue to Hilary Barry

Raf Manji discussed the importance of being a citizen and the responsibilities that holds and why Christchurch needs a special focus and some ideas of what it could be.Is being an MP an ordinary kind of job or the kind of role you take on because you want to do something – make a difference? What about a Universal Basic income -- find out more here?

Philip Bagshaw from the Charity Hospital reinforced the fact that the health budget is not adequate and the resources being allocated are being allocated in an inappropriate way. He speaks about some of his concerns here

Bryan Bruce discussed who you should vote for and why ----MMP allows tactical voting so in some cases it may be best to vote for someone you do not want to get rid of the someone you really do not want. He also made those listening very aware of the huge disparities there are in this country and why it is important to pay attention to what the various groups are promising --- are they honest or realistic. Minding the gap. Bryan has produced a number of documentaries including Child Poverty an done to come out soon on Housing in NZ. Mind the Gap is worth watching.

 Our thanks to all of them for revving some of us up.

 Explore some of the tools these speakers have suggested  including 


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