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Another year of learning and my transistor radio.

22 Mar, 2017

So many places to go to  feel involved in learning but a worthwhile tool and an easy to access one is still Radio.One of my favourite "toys" is not my phone but an old transistor radio I won in a Plunket competition when my son was a baby. 34 years ago. It  comes into the garden, it does not receive FM but still works well anywhere in my garden. No internet access out there. 

 I learn things, listen to good music, although I have noted it is more modern than I remember it feeling when I was first listening years ago.

The good thing about Radio is once I have listened and want to listen again, I can, as  a lot of the programmes are available online or as podcasts.

So come back inside for a cuppa and listen via podcasts on my phone or watch/listen to videos of the programme  while seated in a comfy chair. I am very lucky. One of the  recent " listening/ learning experiences was  " Aftermath - what would we do without water?  Worth a listen. 

Radio and RNZ is a wonderful place to be.


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